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Raspberry commonly known as wild raspberry.  Late summer is its harvest period. Fresh raspberries are hollow look, taste sweet and sour. Raspberry is one of the high-energy fruit, low sugar content, high fiber content, used to improve eye pain, sore throat effect is quite good, but also anti-oxidation, anti-inflammatory and... more

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Bayberry, native to the Asian region. With a unique fruit sour taste, sour taste is not everyone can acceptable.  Its shape like water Yang and taste like plum. In general, bayberry for its harvest period about in the summer time in May. It contains vitamin C and B, glucose and... more

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Blueberry, also known as blue berries or cranberries, belonging to the berry plants, native to North America and Europe and other places, the season for the annual May to October, especially in July when the most made. Mature blueberry flesh is sweet and sours are different, the texture is delicate... more

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Strawberry, also known as raspberry, native to South America. Strawberry is suitable for growing up in cold places.  In early December for its harvest period, and continued until another year March or April. Strawberry shape mostly heart-shaped, and delicious red tender, the entrance sweet with fruit. Strawberry is a certain... more

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  A savory dish made from a variety of meats, such as pork, veal, game and their livers, combined with fat and seasonings. The ingredients are finely minced then placed in molds to set. Pates are usually served as a hot or cold dish, either cut into slices or spooned... more

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  Brownies are dense moist chocolate cakes. Some of them ar efudgy and soft in the centre and dry cracked on the top. Occasionally, walnuts or pecans may be added to give it a bit of crunchy texture, or it may be flavored with caramel or rum. Brownies are cut... more

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Egg is a very nutritious high-protein food and indispensable in the kitchen. It can be cooked on its own or as an ingredient in countless recipes! Nutritionwise, egg is the best source of protein as it contain all kinds of amino acids (basic blocks of proteins) human needs in a... more

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  Most cheese are made by curding milk with rennet. After separating the curds, it is then processed and wait to be matured for cheese formation. Although it is regarded as a dairy group food, which means it is rich in protein, vitamin Bs and calcium, the fat content of... more

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      Lamb is the meat from young sheep, usually up to 1 years old. Older sheep is darker in color and stronger in flavor. In Chinese culture, it is believed that eating lamb will help to keep your body warm during the winter time, and it’s too “heatty”... more

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  Chicken is a complete protein. It contains kinds of essential amino acids in a good proportion for growth and development. Like all lean meats, chicken is a good source of B-vitamins. The dark meat of chicken is richer in riboflavin than the light, while the light meat is richer... more

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